As a headshot photographer, I don’t make a photograph with just my camera. We bring to the act of photography all the pictures we have seen, the books we have read, the music we have heard, and the people we have loved.

My passion is photographing men and women of all ages and in all stages of life. For over two decades, I have worked in the entertainment industry as a headshot photographer, and I still enjoy making individuals look stunning. I do this using all the tricks and techniques that I have learned through the years. If celebrities can do it, why can’t you? With my background in hair styling, makeup, fashion styling and photography, I’m the one for you.

Rockstar Headshot Photographer

Headshot Photographer Skills 100%
Digital Retoucher Skills 100%
Makeup Artist Skills 100%
Fashion Stylist Skills 100%

I enjoy my work as a creative headshot photographer specializing in Actor and Corporate Headshots.

My headshot photographer career began with shooting many catalogs throughout the U.S. As a makeup artist, I have worked with some of the top names in the beauty industry such as Christian Dior, Shiseido, and Lancôme.

My work with celebrities, directors, film, and commercial productions has taken me across the country. In Los Angeles, I am continually referred to as the ideal choice for new arrivals to Hollywood as well as established stars.

As a headshot photographer, I also have the added advantage of knowing the acting business well. For starters, I have acted in numerous commercials, films, and TV. For 12 years, I lived with a casting director and helped cast several projects. SO I understand exactly what you need to promote yourself.



I understand exactly what you need to promote yourself.

"Headshot photographer, Michael Calas achieves the perfect actor headshot because he brings out the true essence of the person. This makes casting easier and raises the chances of getting booked or getting called into our office again." -Derek Marquardt, Casting Director


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