Headshot Session Wardrobe Tips

Men & Women

Professional Headshot Photographer Michael Calas has many valuable headshot session wardrobe tips and to help you select the proper wardrobe for your Acting Headshots, Business/Corporate photos session:

  • Think about first impressions.
  • Make sure your hair, makeup, and look are the way you look when you audition.
  • You can't slim down in 24 hours, but you can look thinner by making a few strategic clothing choices.
  • Lose the pleated pants, they add 5 to 10 pounds to your frame because they balloon out and make your hips seem bigger.
  • Go monochromatic. Wearing one color from head to toe elongates your look. Dark tones enhance the effect and work beautifully to enhance your skin tones.
  • Wear what fits. Tight clothes make you look heavier, and loose ones make you look like you're hiding something.
  • If everything fits just right, it gives the illusion of thinness.
  • Bring a varied selection of clothing! Never feel like you are bringing too much. When in doubt about what to bring, just bring it and I will help you decide.
  • Remember, I have worked as a fashion stylist. What might look good on you in person may not look good on camera.
  • For commercial headshots, bright colors work best.
  • Stay away from pastel colors, large prints, stripes, or patterns unless they are monochromatic. Avoid text on your outfit.
  • Boat necks tend to make you look boxy, avoid them. V-necks for women are very pleasing.
  • Avoid seasonal looks and too many accessories like huge earrings or massive diving watches.
  • Let your personality and eyes do the talking, not the clothing.
  • Think of your clothing as an accessory, and your face as the main focal point.
  • We want casting directors to remember you, not what you are wearing.
  • Concentrate on looks that are likely to get you called into the audition.
  • Most casting directors have very specific ideas about how a character should look and dress. Don't try to guess, keep it simple.
  • Discuss your looks with your agent or manager.
  • Ask questions! If you have a specific idea you'd like to discuss, feel free to ask before the shoot.
  • Remember, unless you are doing a Fashion Shoot, less is more.


  • Ties are tricky things so bring a bunch to choose from if you plan on shooting a business look with a tie.


  • Remember to bring a varied selection of bras. The bras with the clear plastic straps are really convenient to wear in shoots.
  • Ladies, careful with very shortsleeved blouses. They tend to make arms look very big. Guys, on the other hand, would want that but not you. Unfortunately, many tops are made that way nowadays, don’t do it for photos. Am I making my point clear? Great.

Men & Women

  • Don’t get a haircut the week of your photo-shoot, unless you completely trust your regular hairstylist.
  • Please bring at least 4 different outfits complete with proper shoes, jackets, undergarments and fashion accessories, this way we have lots of options. To keep you looking great, Michael chooses the best outfits for each look. Michael always shoots until he feels he has captured what’s needed for a specific look before moving on to another wardrobe change.

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