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Expect headshots that will give you great results.


Expect to discover your most marketable brand.


Expect an engaging and comfortable photo shoot.


Expect premium photographic equipment for consistent headshots every time.


Expect industry tips gained after more than 18 years of photographing actors.


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Actor Headshots Adults

Actor Headshots

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Business Headshots

Business Headshots

A commanding Corporate headshot is the ultimate branding tool.

Actor Headshots - Kids

PR Photography

A compelling PR photo can convince a journalist to publish your story and convince your audience to follow a call to action.

Business Headshots

Professional Retouching Skills

Any imperfections will succumb to my Photoshop skills.

Makeup Application

Professional Makeup Expertise

I create a pleasing relationship between lighting and proper makeup.

Professional Retouching


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Michael Calas

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About Me

I am a professional headshot photographer in Southern California who is considered a TOP 10 actor headshot photographer.

Rockstar Headshot Photographer

Headshot Photographer Skills 100%
Digital Retoucher Skills 100%
Makeup Artist Skills 100%
Fashion Stylist Skills 100%
“Dream big, work hard, and surround yourself with love.”

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